Discover the pleasures of electronic smoking: Take puffs on a v2 cigs e cigarette


The entire world is going digital. While on your way to office or on your way back home, you see the hoi polloi, especially the young ones, engrossed in using different gadgetries and lost in their own worlds. You see many office goers wired to their notebooks and tablets engaged in planning their work schedule for the coming week. And if you’re a smoker, you must have noticed many people lighting up slender sticks without using a lighter and exhaling no smoke. Well, that’s an electronic cigarette that they’ve been smoking. So, there’s no earthly reason as to why you should be still stuck up on conventional cigarettes when a majority of the smokers are going electronic.

If you’ve been thinking about switching over to electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, as they’re better known, but have been at your wits’ end in deciding about which brand of e-cig to go for then there’s one brand that’s ubiquitous. It’s the [WPMSHOT key="v2 cigs" url=""] e cigarette easily the most admired brand of e-cig in the world. As a matter of fact, the V2 e-cig was the first social brand of electronic cigarette to be launched in USA. And today, it is the largest selling brand of e-cig in America and is fast gaining a toehold in rest of the countries of the world. V2 enjoys a competitive edge over other e-cig brands and completely overshadows them when you compare different marques of electronic cigarettes on the basis of their features.

What makes the V2 e-cig the reigning brand?

For a start, the V2 brand is the only marque that uses a two-piece set-the atomizer built into the disposable cartridge and the battery. All other brands have starter kits that invariably have three composite parts-the atomizer, the cartridge, and the battery that need to be assembled to form a single unit. Then, V2 gives you choice of using either an automatic battery or a manual battery. You also get to choose from ten different flavors including the Red, Sahara, and Congress having an exclusive tobacco flavor; menthol, peppermint, and mint-giving off cool and aromatic vapors; and the flavors of cherry, coffee, chocolate, and vanilla for those who are trendy with an aesthetic bent of mind.

The economy model of V2 selling at $49.95 is also the cheapest of entry level starter kit models of other brands. It is also the only brand of e-cig that is offering you a charging case that you can carry with you. The ranges of accessories that are available are also the most extensive. It has a ‘Smoke4free Program’ that is unique. It lists all v2 cigs e cigarette ingredients on its official site. It also permits online batch testing.      It proffers an assortment of 9 starter kits and it has a customer forum where you can share your ideas and opinions with other e-cig smokers. What more reasons do you need to subscribe to the V2 brand?

Better than conventional smoking

Smoking v2 cigs e cigarette is healthier than smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. V2 cigs don’t contain tar that causes stains or any poisonous chemicals. There’s no question of secondhand smoke and you can light up anywhere you like without creating a fuss!